We believe yoga should be more affordable. As such, we offer community classes for $5. These are larger class sizes. If you prefer smaller class sizes, join us for our Premium classes for only $10.

Did you know Edge Yoga School donates studio time to our Alumni to offer Small Group classes? For this reason, no passes can be accepted for Small Groups and they are pay at the door only. Our Small groups range in price and are pay at the door. These classes are offered for your convenience and double the number of classes we offer. Come, try them out!

We ask that you register for all classes so that we may prepare the space for you. We also ask that you cancel online no less than four hours prior to class so another student may take the space. We do sell out in our busier season.

Sometimes we run promotions online. If you found us through one of these deals, welcome! You may redeem your deal by simply emailing us the info to Rae@Edge.Yoga. We usually get back to your within a few hours.

We are located on the corner of 87th & Modaff in Modaff Plaza. Just to keep our life spicy, some GPS will direct you just West, to the goat farm. Should we ever decide to offer goat yoga, this is where it will be. In the meantime, meet us at the studio. We are doing our best to correct this as best we can.

We offer plenty of parking so come on by.

Some folks like to bring their own mats, but we also have some to lend for no charge. Make sure to bring your feet 😉

All classes are intended to be taught as an all-levels class. We specialize in yoga that everyone that cannot do a headstand can do. We also welcome our more seasoned yogis.  Yoga is about the flexibility of the mind before it is about the body. Come as you are. You may want to begin with a Premium class to ensure your first class is with one of our more seasoned instructors.

The best way to reach us is via email. In an effort to offer a serene studio space, our phone does not ring. We will get right back to your email, and we never share your information. Feel free to email any additional questions you may have at Rae@Edge.Yoga

Thanks so much for choosing Edge Yoga School! 

Our training is based on Hatha Yoga and covers a number of styles of yoga to include Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and so much more. Students will learn how to teach any style of yoga they are familiar with and that resonates with them. In a nutshell, we teach you how to teach.

This program covers the whole spectrum of yoga but has an emphasis on how to teach. 25% of the course is related to hands-on teaching yoga. Our instructors largely report they are prepared to teach upon graduation.

This program is a Yoga Alliance approval course and upon graduation, you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200. This is the standard for instructors.

You do not need any prior knowledge of yoga, philosophy or anatomy. Just an open heart, mind and willingness to learn.

As far as anatomy, it will serve you to familiarize yourself but our course does not have a final exam. This relieves the stress component often associated with exams.

If you are already an RYT-200 and looking to build on our knowledge, join us for our upcoming 300-hour program and upgrade with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-500! Don’t wait, our first session sold out in a week.

If you’re ready, you can apply here:

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